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Costura Lusitana – Sewing Solutions is a trusted partner in sewing technologies specializing in providing innovative sewing solutions that drive efficiency, productivity and accuracy to businesses and individuals across multiple industries having a century of experience working with SVP WORLDWIDE (SINGER, PFAFF, HUSQVARNA) and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by companies in industries such as automotive, upholstery, apparel manufacturing and more.

The company offers a comprehensive range of advanced sewing machines and equipment designed to meet the demands of high-volume production, while ensuring superior quality and exceptional performance allowing companies to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Our Products

We are an industry player that produces the most reliable and solution you are looking for...

Embroidery Machines

Elevate your creativity with our cutting-edge embroidery machines. Unleash intricate designs on fabric effortlessly, merging innovation and artistry for stunning, personalized results that captivate.

Quilting & Patchwork

Experience meticulous craftsmanship through our tailored Quilting & Patchwork solutions. Level up your business endeavors with intricately designed textiles that exemplify attention to detail and a commitment to refined artistry.

Heavy Duty

Empower your business with our industrial-grade Heavy Duty sewing machines. Engineered for exceptional durability and precision, our solutions ensure seamless production, making every stitch a testament to reliability and quality work.

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Committed To Keep People Assure

Dedicated to providing unwavering assurance, we are committed to safeguard people’s confidence and peace of mind always based on sustainability.

We Follow the Best Practices

Exemplifying excellence, our company diligently follows the industry best practices to consistently deliver optimal results.

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